Little Self-Love Never Hurt


I have been seeing some girls dealing with bad relationships but still going back to those that hurt them and it’s a tough thing to see. While I understand that you may have a strong bond with someone and share memories and experiences, I believe that you have to look at what that person has done and the effect they’ve had on you to really observe the relationship and make the necessary changes.

I wanted to share a few self-love remedies that I use when I’m feeling down that really help me to pick myself up and start fresh.

1. Journal

Being a journalism major, I obviously love writing and I find it therapeutic. I just write down whatever is bothering me but, most importantly, how I can fix the problem. Writing down my thoughts helps me to collect them and process how I’m feeling.


2. Hygiene

This is probably the most “hippie” thing I’ll ever say but I really feel like taking a bath, using a face-mask or washing your face when you’re upset feels like you’re washing away the negativity. It’s relaxing to take a bath and can really give you that alone time to think everything through. Washing your face or using a face-mask will not only clear your skin but will give you a fresh face and fresh attitude to start over. I use a face-mask every morning and it always makes me feel better and ready to start my day. Try it!

face mask,,20702296,00.html

3. Eat Right

Of course we should all be eating healthy foods but I find that when I’m feeling really down, to go for a healthy snack. There’s a cliche that women go for ice cream and chocolate when we’re upset which is sometimes true, but that can be really bad for your health and skin so I try to avoid that. I love avocados, cucumber sandwiches and carrots, but even having some strawberries or making yourself a fruity smoothie can be a good distraction from your problems, with a healthy end result!


4. Exercise

I wouldn’t say I love exercising but I definitely feel better after I’ve gone on a bike ride or lifted weights. It releases endorphins which release a positive chemical to your brain that will make you feel happier. You don’t have to kill yourself in a workout if you are feeling stressed, although kickboxing could help if you’re feeling angry ;). A long walk is really helpful to get fresh air and process your thoughts.


It’s all about giving yourself time to process how you’re feeling. I, personally, don’t think distracting yourself from your issues is a good way to solve a problem. Give yourself some time to come to a conlusion that will make you happy. I hope these little remedies help you or someone you know as they really help me when I’m feeling stressed! Think happy and make today a great day!


Quick, Go-To Makeup 

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I’ve recently got hooked on makeup tutorials and have tried to come up with new looks. I feel like a lot of the brands makeup artists use are so expensive, even with the discount codes they offer. I wanted to come up with a couple of tools that I use every day that are affordable!

All of these products are from Ulta. The links in the descriptions connect you directly to the site where you can purchase the item!

1. Revolution Baked Highlighter

The highlighter obsession is unreal! I really love giving my face an extra pop and it really helps for selfies *hint hint*. This is Revolution Baked Highlighter in the shade Peach Lights and it is so bright! You really only need a quick swipe across your cheek to get the glow you need.

Revolution Baked Highlighter from Ulta
Revolution Baked Highlighter

2. Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick seems to be the biggest trend right now but a lot of name brands are charging $20-25 for their lipstick! To me, that seems like a bit much for something that can be wiped off easily by eating food. Of course, my go-to brand is Nyx and, get this, their matte lipstick is only $6! They also have another matte lipstick brand called Lip Lingerie that has a couple different shades and the tube is longer and fancier.

The shade I love the most in the matte lipsticks is Abu Dhabi. This shade is a light tan that really goes well with neutral colors, as seen in the picture of me below.

Nyx Matte Lipstick in the shade Abu Dhabi from Ulta
Wearing Abu Dhabi

3. Another Highlighter 😮

I know, I know but you can never have too much glow (while editing I noticed this rhymed hehe). This was the first highlighter I bought when I first saw the trend appear. This is Nyx Illuminator in the shade Enigmatic. The interesting thing about this one is that it has a pink undertone so it combines a blush with a highlighter! It’s perfect if you want to save money and not have to buy blush and a highlighter.

Nyx Illuminator from Ulta
Nyx Illuminator

Embrace the Cold the Cool Way 


I decided to bundle up and brace myself for the cold night ahead of me.

Winter, while a very cold time, is very beautiful. Lots of people have Cheistmas lights outside their house and snow can look like a comfy, white blanket. I made plans for south Philadelphia, in the harbor.

Penn’s Landing transformed itself from the summertime relaxation spot of Speice Steeet Harbor, to the winter wonderland of an ice skating rink, adorned with a Cheistmas tree and fireplaces (thank the lord). I didn’t lace up my ice skates, because I’m very clumsy, but I did take in the pretty lights. It was a very home-y feeling with the fireplaces, surrounded by chairs and tables. They have an arcade and bar area so it’s fun for all ages!

After that, I decided to make myself even colder by heading to Franklin Fountain. This is an old timey ice cream parlor that makes u feel as if you’ve stepped into the 1960s. I got a mint chocolate chip and strawberry milkshake that was delicious! The place was equipped with old radios, music and decorations. 

If you’re willing to get chilly and want to have some winter fun, I highly recommend heading to these places!

Below are photos of Penn’s Landing and my milkshake from Franklin Fountain 

Button-Up Skirts

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The new trend for this fall are button-up skirts. You can find them at almost any store but the ones that have a good variety are Forever 21, H&M and Pacsun. They are either jean or suede material and are  casual but can be dressed up for a night out!

I’m wearing a peach, suede skirt from Hollister that was on sale for $7! Paired up with a sweater and boots, these skirts make a perfect and easy on-the-go outfit.

Halloween Costumes For The Fun Girls

With Halloween being only 27 days away, the pressure is on to find the perfect costume that captures the essence of your mood this year. Whether you want to be seen as someone really fun, cool or lazy, Halloween can kind of capture a person’s personality based on what they wear. I already have mine picked out and I don’t want to ruin it but let’s just say “I was runnin'” to the store to get my costume outfit together.

So, I’ve put together some current and classic costume ideas that are easy and popular.

1. Mia Wallace- Pulp Fiction

Most people I’ve encountered have seen Pulp Fiction or at least a couple of scenes from the movie. The main female character is Mia Wallace who is an eccentric individual that thrives on being weird. Her outfit is very simple and the pieces can actually be incorporated into your every day wardrobe!

White Collar Shirt- H&M

Black Pants- Old Navy

Trench Coat- JCPenney 

 Black Flats- Payless

2. Harley Quinn- Suicide Squad


For those of you who haven’t seen Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn is one of the main characters and is The Joker’s love interest. She is absolutely insane but in the best possible way, and that is reflected in her character’s wardrobe. This is actually a popular Halloween costume this season so I’m going to attach a link to the costume from Spirit Halloween, as well as provide links to the outfit pieces if you want to create an original look for this character.

Spirit Halloween

Daddy’s Little Monster Shirt- Spencer’s 

Metallic Booty Shorts- Yandy 

Stockings With Tattoo Designs- Opentip

Black Lace Up Heel Boots- TBDress 

3. Cher or Dionne- Clueless


The classic BFF combo. These outfits are simple to put together and incorporate into your wardrobe so that you are as flawless and sassy as these girls from Clueless.

Cher’s Yellow Plaid Blazer & Skirt- GFDStore 

Dionne’s Black Plaid Skirt & Blazer- Etsy

Black or White Over-The-Knee Socks- AliExpress





The Good, The Bad and The Weird of NYFW


New York Fashion Week has just ended and the models and designers moved on to Europe to show us the newest fashion trends. Let’s take a look back at New York’s looks and go over the weird, bad and good. I like to start off with the bad first so we end on a positive note 🙂

Weird- Marc Jacobs

Irina Shayk in Marc Jacobs

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of designer Marc Jacobs so when I saw models posting pictures of his show I was confused as to why his clothes looked like a Bratz doll threw up everywhere. It was like a pop-punk glittery mess. The dreads mixed with all of the different prints, and then the 6-inch platform heels ahhhhhhh!!! I understand taking risks and showing people something new but this is showing people chaos. I digress.

Bad- Anna Sui and Alexander Wang

Bella Hadid in Anna Sui

These look like costumes I wore the my tea-party themed birthday when I was nine. I don’t see anyone wearing these when the patterns do not work well together and the shoes are childish. Even the styling in the makeup and hair makes it look like a 60s wife who ran out of the house in whatever clothes she could find.

Alexander Wang

alexander wang nyfw 1.jpg



What happened Alexander??? These are like weird pirate outfits. I don’t see see-through shirts working out at all. No one is really going to want to show their boobs in a shirt that costs more than their monthly rent. And the picture on the bottom I just… Why is there a bandage around her waist? Why? Who has time to tie that around themselves?

Good- Brandon Maxwell and Bibhu Mohapatra

Onto more positive things.

Brandon Maxwell NYFW 2016

Brandon Maxwell killed it in NYFW. I see these models and they look powerful. Like they can take on any mission and do it flawlessly. His looks are clean, sleek and actually WEARABLE. Thank you lord.

Bibhu Mohapatra

Bibhu Mohapatra NYFW 2016

So far I’ve been critical of those who took a step out of the boundaries with a risk on the runway. But that was because their looks were a mess when they were all put together. Bibhu Mohapatra knows how to put designs and patterns together! Bibhu is of Indian descent and you can see that influence some of his designs. He has creative looks that are both polished and interesting to look at.











I went on a short trip to California with my sister. In that time, we went to Disneyland, Malibu and Los Angeles. 

On our second, full day in California, we drove out to Malibu. It was a long, two hour drive but was worth it! The beaches are so beautiful and are right up against the mountains so every picture is spectacular! 

Below are pictures, in order, of Malibu Pier, Zuma Beach and El Matador Beach. El Matador has to be my favorite beach because it has rock formations that make little caves.