Little Self-Love Never Hurt


I have been seeing some girls dealing with bad relationships but still going back to those that hurt them and it’s a tough thing to see. While I understand that you may have a strong bond with someone and share memories and experiences, I believe that you have to look at what that person has done and the effect they’ve had on you to really observe the relationship and make the necessary changes.

I wanted to share a few self-love remedies that I use when I’m feeling down that really help me to pick myself up and start fresh.

1. Journal

Being a journalism major, I obviously love writing and I find it therapeutic. I just write down whatever is bothering me but, most importantly, how I can fix the problem. Writing down my thoughts helps me to collect them and process how I’m feeling.


2. Hygiene

This is probably the most “hippie” thing I’ll ever say but I really feel like taking a bath, using a face-mask or washing your face when you’re upset feels like you’re washing away the negativity. It’s relaxing to take a bath and can really give you that alone time to think everything through. Washing your face or using a face-mask will not only clear your skin but will give you a fresh face and fresh attitude to start over. I use a face-mask every morning and it always makes me feel better and ready to start my day. Try it!

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3. Eat Right

Of course we should all be eating healthy foods but I find that when I’m feeling really down, to go for a healthy snack. There’s a cliche that women go for ice cream and chocolate when we’re upset which is sometimes true, but that can be really bad for your health and skin so I try to avoid that. I love avocados, cucumber sandwiches and carrots, but even having some strawberries or making yourself a fruity smoothie can be a good distraction from your problems, with a healthy end result!


4. Exercise

I wouldn’t say I love exercising but I definitely feel better after I’ve gone on a bike ride or lifted weights. It releases endorphins which release a positive chemical to your brain that will make you feel happier. You don’t have to kill yourself in a workout if you are feeling stressed, although kickboxing could help if you’re feeling angry ;). A long walk is really helpful to get fresh air and process your thoughts.


It’s all about giving yourself time to process how you’re feeling. I, personally, don’t think distracting yourself from your issues is a good way to solve a problem. Give yourself some time to come to a conlusion that will make you happy. I hope these little remedies help you or someone you know as they really help me when I’m feeling stressed! Think happy and make today a great day!