Embrace the Cold the Cool Way 


I decided to bundle up and brace myself for the cold night ahead of me.

Winter, while a very cold time, is very beautiful. Lots of people have Cheistmas lights outside their house and snow can look like a comfy, white blanket. I made plans for south Philadelphia, in the harbor.

Penn’s Landing transformed itself from the summertime relaxation spot of Speice Steeet Harbor, to the winter wonderland of an ice skating rink, adorned with a Cheistmas tree and fireplaces (thank the lord). I didn’t lace up my ice skates, because I’m very clumsy, but I did take in the pretty lights. It was a very home-y feeling with the fireplaces, surrounded by chairs and tables. They have an arcade and bar area so it’s fun for all ages!

After that, I decided to make myself even colder by heading to Franklin Fountain. This is an old timey ice cream parlor that makes u feel as if you’ve stepped into the 1960s. I got a mint chocolate chip and strawberry milkshake that was delicious! The place was equipped with old radios, music and decorations. 

If you’re willing to get chilly and want to have some winter fun, I highly recommend heading to these places!

Below are photos of Penn’s Landing and my milkshake from Franklin Fountain