Halloween Costumes For The Fun Girls

With Halloween being only 27 days away, the pressure is on to find the perfect costume that captures the essence of your mood this year. Whether you want to be seen as someone really fun, cool or lazy, Halloween can kind of capture a person’s personality based on what they wear. I already have mine picked out and I don’t want to ruin it but let’s just say “I was runnin'” to the store to get my costume outfit together.

So, I’ve put together some current and classic costume ideas that are easy and popular.

1. Mia Wallace- Pulp Fiction

Most people I’ve encountered have seen Pulp Fiction or at least a couple of scenes from the movie. The main female character is Mia Wallace who is an eccentric individual that thrives on being weird. Her outfit is very simple and the pieces can actually be incorporated into your every day wardrobe!

White Collar Shirt- H&M

Black Pants- Old Navy

Trench Coat- JCPenney 

 Black Flats- Payless

2. Harley Quinn- Suicide Squad


For those of you who haven’t seen Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn is one of the main characters and is The Joker’s love interest. She is absolutely insane but in the best possible way, and that is reflected in her character’s wardrobe. This is actually a popular Halloween costume this season so I’m going to attach a link to the costume from Spirit Halloween, as well as provide links to the outfit pieces if you want to create an original look for this character.

Spirit Halloween

Daddy’s Little Monster Shirt- Spencer’s 

Metallic Booty Shorts- Yandy 

Stockings With Tattoo Designs- Opentip

Black Lace Up Heel Boots- TBDress 

3. Cher or Dionne- Clueless


The classic BFF combo. These outfits are simple to put together and incorporate into your wardrobe so that you are as flawless and sassy as these girls from Clueless.

Cher’s Yellow Plaid Blazer & Skirt- GFDStore 

Dionne’s Black Plaid Skirt & Blazer- Etsy

Black or White Over-The-Knee Socks- AliExpress






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