The Good, The Bad and The Weird of NYFW


New York Fashion Week has just ended and the models and designers moved on to Europe to show us the newest fashion trends. Let’s take a look back at New York’s looks and go over the weird, bad and good. I like to start off with the bad first so we end on a positive note 🙂

Weird- Marc Jacobs

Irina Shayk in Marc Jacobs

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of designer Marc Jacobs so when I saw models posting pictures of his show I was confused as to why his clothes looked like a Bratz doll threw up everywhere. It was like a pop-punk glittery mess. The dreads mixed with all of the different prints, and then the 6-inch platform heels ahhhhhhh!!! I understand taking risks and showing people something new but this is showing people chaos. I digress.

Bad- Anna Sui and Alexander Wang

Bella Hadid in Anna Sui

These look like costumes I wore the my tea-party themed birthday when I was nine. I don’t see anyone wearing these when the patterns do not work well together and the shoes are childish. Even the styling in the makeup and hair makes it look like a 60s wife who ran out of the house in whatever clothes she could find.

Alexander Wang

alexander wang nyfw 1.jpg



What happened Alexander??? These are like weird pirate outfits. I don’t see see-through shirts working out at all. No one is really going to want to show their boobs in a shirt that costs more than their monthly rent. And the picture on the bottom I just… Why is there a bandage around her waist? Why? Who has time to tie that around themselves?

Good- Brandon Maxwell and Bibhu Mohapatra

Onto more positive things.

Brandon Maxwell NYFW 2016

Brandon Maxwell killed it in NYFW. I see these models and they look powerful. Like they can take on any mission and do it flawlessly. His looks are clean, sleek and actually WEARABLE. Thank you lord.

Bibhu Mohapatra

Bibhu Mohapatra NYFW 2016

So far I’ve been critical of those who took a step out of the boundaries with a risk on the runway. But that was because their looks were a mess when they were all put together. Bibhu Mohapatra knows how to put designs and patterns together! Bibhu is of Indian descent and you can see that influence some of his designs. He has creative looks that are both polished and interesting to look at.