I went on a short trip to California with my sister. In that time, we went to Disneyland, Malibu and Los Angeles. 

On our second, full day in California, we drove out to Malibu. It was a long, two hour drive but was worth it! The beaches are so beautiful and are right up against the mountains so every picture is spectacular! 

Below are pictures, in order, of Malibu Pier, Zuma Beach and El Matador Beach. El Matador has to be my favorite beach because it has rock formations that make little caves. 


90s Mom


The only types of pants I wear anymore are high waisted. One of the common known pants are the “mom jeans” which were mostly worn in the 90s. I love these type of jeans because they come up to yor belly button and hold everything in place but aren’t so tight on your legs so you’re free to move as you please. I think that’s why a lot of moms wore them 😉 I bought these Levi jeans from Goodwill and they’re so comfy, only $8! 

I paired the jeans with a white V neck shirt from Walmart, white Nike shoes, a baseball cap and a black, leather backpack. I’m now the complete 90s mom!

Hippie Ice Cream


There’s a little historic neighborhood about one mile from my house. They host various events throughout the year for fundraising and bring in  different vendors. There was a Volkswagen van that sold ice cream and it was the cutest thing. It’s one of my dream cars! 

I will be going to California at the end of the month so I’ll have plenty of sunny and beachy pictures for you all to see!