Looks For Less: Kendall Jenner


One celebrity who, I think, has a great, simple style is Kendall Jenner. Her outfits always have basic colors but they’re put together very well to make a classy and chic look.

I scowered pictures of Kendall to find three looks that I love to provide you guys with stores where you can get the ensemble for less!

I love this look because it seems so casual and effortless, almost like something you would wear to take a walk on a beach.

I find that Old Navy always a good selection of denim jackets for reasonable prices. The link will take you to their denim jacket section.

As always, my go to store is Forever 21. They have crop tops as cheap as $6 with different varieties to choose from.

American Eagle jeans are always really comfortable and your size usually stays the same so it’s easy to shop for the jeans that you need to complete any look.

For the shoes, I chose Toms because not only are they comfortable but,when you purchase a pair, an additional pair of shoes is donated to a child in need.

This look says to me “city chic”. It’s the perfect outfit for a night out or an easy look for the office.

I found a dark gray Macy’s turtleneck online at a sale price of $25!

This tan vest from Rosewe is very unique with its layering in the front, giving it an airy feel.

I like going with jeggings over jeans because they are more comfortable and, usually, cheaper. These black jeggings from H&M are perfect for this look.

These ankle boots from DSW are the perfect way to complete the look and can be used with numerous other outfits!

This last look is my favorite one out of the three. The light blue of the pants is the perfect offset for the neutral colors of white and tan and really gives it a relaxed, girly look.

For the crop top, I chose a collared one from SheIn to give this an even more sophisticated look. If you don’t prefer collared shirts, a simple, white, turtleneck crop top should be fine.

The trench coat is going to be a bit pricier than what I would normally choose, only because I wanted to find one that was the most similar to this look and had good material. The trench coat is from Belk for $77. If you are on a really tight budget, I found a sweater-coat from SheIn for $29.

Loafers are so cute and for this look I chose Walmart’s loafers. This link will take you to a specific size so to find the size you are looking for, hit refine at the top of the page and click on whatever shoe size you are.

The color of the pants is a very hard color to find so I chose two types of pants. The one is a baby blue trouser from Forever 21 and the other are a brighter, almost electric blue dress pants from Express.


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