How to Wear the Same Pair of Jeans For a Week


I decided to share a post about how to style the same pair of jeans for a regular work week (five days). The jeans I’m styling are from Forever 21 and were only $13 when I bought them! I created these looks mostly for fall and spring considering it might be too hot in the summer to wear jeans.

  The top I’m wearing is also from Forever 21. I liked how the neckline met at the bottom of my neck so it wasn’t too high and it wasn’t too short. The bottom of the shirt is about an inch above the top of the jeans which I think is just the right amount of skin to show if your shirt is a little too short. I styled the look with white, high-top Converse to keep it casual and to blend in with the white stripes in the top.

I bought this top from a thrift store in California but you can find similar ones at stores like Loft and, New York & Company, or Express. I wanted this look to be as minimalistic and simple as possible so I am wearing plain, white Nikes to color block the look into a white-black-white pattern.

Some people find shirts with holes in them to be a bit sloppy looking but I think you can create a really cool, alternative look if you style it right. The shirt I’m wearing is from Urban Outfitters and I styled it with tan combat boots that are also from Urban Outfitters. By making the look more urban, it is easier to pull off the top since it looks casual but edgy.

  Thrift stores are my favorite so, of course, this turtle neck is from a thrift store! Don’t worry though, you can find a turtle neck almost anywhere. I would check JCPenney, Kohls, Macys or find your nearest thrift store because I bet they have some! This look is for a chillier day so I paired it with boots that I bought from JCPenney a couple of years ago. The best place to find boots similar to mine would be DSW.





I feel like this look is something I would wear to a brunch in Central Park. The top is from Rue 21 and the shoes are Jessica Simpson which you can find at Macys. My favorite part of this outfit is my newest accessory, my hat! This hat is from Forever 21 and only cost $12.




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