Bus at Night

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The first photo I wanted to share with you guys is a picture I took on a bus when I was on vacation in Virginia this summer. I love the way the bus looked with the lighting and wanted to give its colder feel when I edited it, so I made the picture more blueish. This picture can be seen on my Instagram.



Outer Space Wear!

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Hi! So I’ve really been getting into alien inspired looks and went searching for an alien t-shirt. Thinking of adding onto the look, I also wanted to try and get a Saturn choker and guess what… I got both!

The shirt is from frankie-phoenix.com and I really love how the alien looks.
The choker is from one of my all-time favorite places to get chokers, ali express. The choker was only $1.50 when I bought it off the site plus it was free shipping!
Hope you guys are doing alright! Comment below what you would like me to write about!