Ripped Jeans

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While on tumblr, I’ve constantly been seeing ripped jeans in the pictures that others have reblogged. I think they’re starting to come back into fashion after a couple of years and I’m so glad!
Personally, I like the black ripped jeans. I think it gives them more of an edge rather than it just being a pair of plain black pants. There are two types of ripped jeans that I’ve seen: the destroyed look and the simple ripped look. The destroyed look is like this:

I don’t like this look so much because it looks a bit too messy for me. But if it’s something you like then go for it!
The ripped jeans I like have two holes in them, both around the knees.


Some ripped jeans cost a little more than regular jeans but you can always buy the regular jeans and cut holes in them yourself! If you want just two holes around your knees, you can simply pinch the fabric around the knee, pull it up, and cut it. If you are wanting a more destroyed look, you can cut the the same holes in the knees and then take a pair of scissors and drag them along the seam of the jeans in the places you want the jean to be destroyed.
I found that American Eagle has really good jeans at reasonable prices. They also have black leggings there if you want to be comfier in your jeans!

Personal Twitter


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