Stocking and Knee Socks

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While on tumblr, I’ve seen some pictures of girls wearing stockings and thought it looked like a cool outfit.

I’m not a fan of the different colored stockings but if it’s something you like, then go for it. I like when a simple pair of black stockings is worn underneath shorts. I think it gives the look a bit of an edge and is something interesting to look at. Here’s and example:


I love how this look is styled and it just looks cool and effortless. I can’t picture wearing black stockings with any other shoes other than black combat boots. I think it looks rocky and edgy which I really like. You can find black stocking at a lot of stores. I’ve found them at: Target, Kohls, and also my local supermarket.

You can also get a pair of knee socks which look like these:


These are my knee socks and I got them at Forever21.

Again, I would pair these knee socks with shorts. I don’t really see the point in wearing knee socks with a dress because then you can’t see your thighs where the sock ends which defeats the purpose.

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