Some people think they look too “country” or “like you live on a farm” but I, personally, love overalls! I actually just ordered black ones so I’ll post a picture of them when they come in.
Some overalls can look frumpy and that depends on the size you get, the color, and the details on the overalls. I like overall shorts better than overall pants for that reason in particular. I feel like the pants can be weird looking if they are not edgy enough. If you really want overall pants, I suggest getting ones that have some rips in them or have a rich denim color, like the ones below:



If you like the overall shorts, there are many varieties to choose from. I can’t stress enough how much I love the rich denim color for overalls.


I think it makes the overalls look more sophisticated. But, if you want to be a bit more creative, these are the types of overall shorts/pants I like:



•Don’t get overalls that are too short because 1. Showing your butt cheeks is not in style and 2. The proportion will be off with the height of the chest part of the overalls and the shorts part of them
•Please don’t get any overalls that look like these


It just looks like you’ve been running around in grass for a week
•I wouldn’t get overalls that have a faded part on the thigh


Jeans that have this actually make your thighs look wider because it’s a lighter color.

Places to get overalls!






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