Stocking and Knee Socks

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While on tumblr, I’ve seen some pictures of girls wearing stockings and thought it looked like a cool outfit.

I’m not a fan of the different colored stockings but if it’s something you like, then go for it. I like when a simple pair of black stockings is worn underneath shorts. I think it gives the look a bit of an edge and is something interesting to look at. Here’s and example:


I love how this look is styled and it just looks cool and effortless. I can’t picture wearing black stockings with any other shoes other than black combat boots. I think it looks rocky and edgy which I really like. You can find black stocking at a lot of stores. I’ve found them at: Target, Kohls, and also my local supermarket.

You can also get a pair of knee socks which look like these:


These are my knee socks and I got them at Forever21.

Again, I would pair these knee socks with shorts. I don’t really see the point in wearing knee socks with a dress because then you can’t see your thighs where the sock ends which defeats the purpose.

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My Overalls

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Hey guys! Just wanted to show you the overalls I got! I love it!

I got these off of Their site has tons of name brand clothing for discount prices. I’ve bought a couple of things from there so it’s definitely a site to trust.
My other overalls are the denim ones I got.


I got these ones from eBay. hope you all are well and comment anything you want me to blog about!


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Striped Pants

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I used to look at striped pants as weird and “beetle juice-looking” but they’ve grown on me. (Despite the fact that Robin Thicke wore them in his VMA performance). They can be dressed up or dressed down but the important thing is to keep them simple.

I would go for striped pants that have more stripes going down the front. Like these:

It’s a more slimming effect if there are more stripes.

I wouldn’t get striped pants that have very few stripes or have the stripes going across horizontally like these ones:



With few stripes, your legs will look wider. The key is that the eyes follow the lines. If the lines go up and down, so will your eyes and will create a slimming effect because the eyes are traveling up and down the body. If the lines go across, the eyes will go across and travel from one side of your thigh to the other, making it look like you are wider than you actually are.

For styling the pants, I like to go with a simple look. The pants already have a design on them so adding a top that also has a design might be too much. I would simply pair a black, gray, or white shirt with the pants, add some black shoes and a few necklaces and you’re good to go!

You can find striped pants at:
Forever 21

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My Choker

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Hey guys! So a few weeks ago I posted about how chokers were coming back in style. I recently got a few and wanted to share them with you. I talked about how a layered choker look is cool and I tried that out with mine:


I’m obsessed with the moon so I really love my choker! I didn’t buy this one, I made it. I got the black string and the moon charm from ACMoore. The string came in a package of two (the other string is gray) and the moon came in a package of 10.

I just got my black overalls in the mail yesterday so once I have time I’ll take a picture and post it so you guys can see what it looks like!

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Some people think they look too “country” or “like you live on a farm” but I, personally, love overalls! I actually just ordered black ones so I’ll post a picture of them when they come in.
Some overalls can look frumpy and that depends on the size you get, the color, and the details on the overalls. I like overall shorts better than overall pants for that reason in particular. I feel like the pants can be weird looking if they are not edgy enough. If you really want overall pants, I suggest getting ones that have some rips in them or have a rich denim color, like the ones below:



If you like the overall shorts, there are many varieties to choose from. I can’t stress enough how much I love the rich denim color for overalls.


I think it makes the overalls look more sophisticated. But, if you want to be a bit more creative, these are the types of overall shorts/pants I like:



•Don’t get overalls that are too short because 1. Showing your butt cheeks is not in style and 2. The proportion will be off with the height of the chest part of the overalls and the shorts part of them
•Please don’t get any overalls that look like these


It just looks like you’ve been running around in grass for a week
•I wouldn’t get overalls that have a faded part on the thigh


Jeans that have this actually make your thighs look wider because it’s a lighter color.

Places to get overalls!






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