I love jelly shoes and I’m so happy more people are starting to wear them. I found a website and they have lots of choices for jelly shoes. It’s not that expensive (costs 34.99). The two most popular colors for jelly shoes are black and white. Here are what they look like:



I, personally, really love the white jellies and I like wearing socks underneath them. I think it gives it a cooler look, as with the picture above. I like the contrast between the black socks and white shoes. Also, it could help prevent you from getting blisters!

One tip I have (you can take it or leave it) is that I really like when they jellies have a little bit of a heel (as in the above picture again). I think it gives the shoe more pizazz since there’s more to look at.

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Choker Necklaces

I love Love LOVE choker necklaces! They haven’t been in style since the 90s but it seems all of the 90s fads are coming back. The most common choker is one we’ve all probably seen:


You can keep it simple with just one choker ( I love this one!)


But I really like the “layered choke look” as I like to call it. You just buy choker necklaces of different lengths and wear them at the same time! Simple as that. I would wear a max. of 3 chokers at once because it can look a bit cluttered if you wear more. Here are some examples:



Etsy has a lot of choker necklaces so check ’em out!

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Jean Jackets

I love jean jackets! I think they’re starting to become more popular, especially in grunge fashion. The important thing is to get the right wash color. Dark washes aren’t really in style, they’re more for the “older folk”. Lights washes are in style and a lot of teens are wearing them. Here are some examples.



The light wash looks better, in my opinion, because it’s softer looking. It’s easier to wear colorful items with a light wash than a darker wash. Thrift stores would have a lot of light wash jean jackets and I was just in forever 21 and saw that they started putting bean jackets out. There are also places like etsy where you can get vintage clothing.

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