Striped Shirts Are Making a Comeback

On tumblr, I’ve seen many outfits where people are wearing striped shirts. Normally, people think that striped shirts make you look wider, but, if you style it correctly, you can make a striped shirt look really cute. On Kylie Jenner’s Instagram, she posted a picture of her wearing a striped shirt and it was really cute.


If you’re worried about the stripes making you look wider, I suggest wearing a jacket overtop, like Kylie, so there are layers to distract the eyes.

I love striped crop tops as well. I cut a peplum striped shirt to make it a crop top and this is how it turned out.


Personal opinion, I think if you’re going to wear a crop top, you should always wear it with high waisted shorts or pants because, otherwise, there is a huge space between your stomach and lower hips and it can actually make your stomach look like it’s protruding out.

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