I Made Another Shirt!

Hey guys, just wanted to share a picture of a shirt I made. I didn’t find this on a website or anything, just popped out of my brain!


It’s pretty simple to make. You just trace a cross and cut it out. The difficult part is that the bottom flaps of the cross keep folding down when I wear the shirt. Not exactly sure how to make them stay up but I’ll figure it out!

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Striped Shirts Are Making a Comeback

On tumblr, I’ve seen many outfits where people are wearing striped shirts. Normally, people think that striped shirts make you look wider, but, if you style it correctly, you can make a striped shirt look really cute. On Kylie Jenner’s Instagram, she posted a picture of her wearing a striped shirt and it was really cute.


If you’re worried about the stripes making you look wider, I suggest wearing a jacket overtop, like Kylie, so there are layers to distract the eyes.

I love striped crop tops as well. I cut a peplum striped shirt to make it a crop top and this is how it turned out.


Personal opinion, I think if you’re going to wear a crop top, you should always wear it with high waisted shorts or pants because, otherwise, there is a huge space between your stomach and lower hips and it can actually make your stomach look like it’s protruding out.

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3 90s Clothes I Love

I’ve been really into 90s fashion recently (I would say Iggy Azalea’s Fancy video is partially responsible) and I wanted to share three clothing items from the 90s that I love and you can try out.

White Platform Sneakers


I love these sneakers! I think they’re an interesting way to dress casual. They look like sneakers, but have a little “pizazz” to them. They also make you an inch or two taller if you’re “vertically challenged”. I’ve been looking for platform sneakers like this on amazon and eBay. They’re difficult to find because it’s not something that’s coming back into style yet, but I have a feeling they will be in stores soon.

Black Spandex Shorts


Black spandex seems like an odd clothing item to choose but I think you can make a cool look with them. I like to wear oversized tshirts overtop of the spandex. It gives the look a rocky, biker chick edge. You can find spandex at Dick’s Sporting Goods. For the rock tshirts, I love Hot Topic and always find cool shirts there.

Overall Shorts


Lastly, we have overall shorts. I LOVE overalls and think they’re cute and cool at the same time. I got overall shorts in October from etsy and they’re great! Especially with summer being close, overall shorts make a really cute summer outfit.

All pictures via flickr Creative Commons.

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DIY Skull Tank


I saw this post on tumblr and thought it was a cool idea to do for a shirt. I made one myself and it’s a little tricky but not hard to do. The easiest way is to draw the outline of the skull in chalk because that will come off easily and it’s easy to see when you draw it. Here’s the one I did:


I put the eyes of the skull a little low so I painted the words up top to balance it out. It’s a cheap and cool look to make. I got the tank from Kmart and it was $6.

First Grunge Outfit


So I just posted this on my Instagram. Most people think that grunge style deals with plaid shirts so why not play into their opinions for the first look.

-My plaid shirt is from Kohls. I got it on sale for $10 and the designer is Chaps.

-My crop top is from Asos and it was $12.

-My high waisted jeans were from a thrift store for $14 and the designer is Calvin Klein.

-My boots are from Urban Outfitters and I got them on sale for $20.

As you can see I’m a pretty cheap shopper. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes so I hope I can find you guys some clothing ideas that are affordable!

Celebrity Grunge to follow: Kylie Kenner

If you’re looking for a celebrity to follow that has a lot of grunge styles, I would recommend Kylie Jenner. She has a cool, rocky edge to her outfits that I love. If you follow her on Instagram you’ll see tons of outfits that you can replicate. I’ll try to break down her outfits and find similar, but cheaper, looks for you guys!